MFS – Inspections

MFS – Inspections

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Is it time to start earning some extra income performing inspections?

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Some property inspectors can perform up to 65 property inspections per day! That sounds like a lot, but each inspection can take as little as 1 minute by simply photographing the exterior of properties. Each inspection provides the subcontractor additional income and each client obtained provides an additional revenue stream.

Although some client companies hire hourly employees to conduct field inspections, the majority of mortgage field service inspectors are 10-99 subcontractors. 10-99 subcontractors are compensated for results and performance, allowing individuals to maximize their earning potential. This course is designed to teach you the basic understanding of the principles of the mortgage field services industry. Once a potential property inspector completes this course, they are equipped with the knowledge and general understanding of how to complete property inspections. As part of this course, we will show you how to obtain the required documentation for the client companies, as well as the required supplies.

This training course is perfect for those seeking an alternate revenue stream, creating a new business, enhancing current skills, or satisfying curiosity of the true need for these services to the mortgage companies.

NOTE: This course is not affiliated with any specific client company, but is supported and endorsed by several companies seeking to hire knowledgeable and qualified individuals. Completing this course is the first step!

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