No. All of our opportunities are performance based and vendors are compensated based on work performed in accordance with the individual work orders.

USTFS is responsible for providing access to quality subcontractors for our clients. One of the reasons our clients choose to use USTFS for is because we insure all subcontractors are fully trained and understand the intricacies of the industry.

Working directly with national companies and navigating the corporate chain is expensive, complicated and demanding. USTFS has the infrastructure and processes in place to handle the burden on behalf if its vendors and free them up to focus on getting the work done and moving to the next job. The most successful vendors are the ones that can complete their work orders completely in the shortest amount of time. USTFS’s work order management system, mobile field application, and vendor coordinators give our vendors the competitive advantage to complete their work on time and correct the first time.

We understand how difficult it can be to start and run a small business. Whether your a sole proprietor or have your own crews, cash flow is always an obstacle and we’re here to help.  We offer the most generous standard pay terms in the industry and pay our vendors with direct deposit.

As 10-99 subcontractors, the hours you work are completely up to you! USTFS will partner with full time vendors down to the weekend warriors. You will receive as much work as fits into your schedule. You can decline any orders assigned to you within 12 hours if you feel you will be unable to complete the work by the due date.

We understand that there are fraudulent companies out there and don’t blame you if you don’t feel comfortable providing your bank information right away. An alternative we recommend to all interested vendors is using a Green Dot card that can be issued from major retailers such as Wal-Mart. These pre-paid debit cards come with a bank account number that can accept direct deposits. This allows you to get your money by direct deposit without providing your personal or business bank information.

We believe in making it as easy as possible on our vendors to grow their business and want to provide consistent cash flow. We pride ourselves on having the most favorable pay terms in the industry and believe that paying so quickly is what makes working for us so easy and desirable.

USTFS is not registered with the BBB due to the logistics of its business. We have talked with the BBB and found that it is not a necessary membership since we are not selling goods and services.

USTFS keeps a detailed record of all communication. Having communication in writing protects our vendors in the event there is a dispute regarding work order requirements, or special pricing. If you don’t have approval for work in writing, get it in writing before proceeding.