About us

We perform! When our clients have compliance needs, we help manage all aspects of the compliance process. If its on our list, we get the job done:
- Broker Price Opinions (BPO)
- Occupancy Verification
- Insurance Loss Inspections
- Document Delivery
- Disaster and Vacancy Inspections
- Snow Removal (Seasonal)
- Lawn Maintenance
- Repairs
- Corporate Fire Safety Compliance
Our Team

Our Team

We are a diverse team of team management and field logistics professionals, specializing in regulatory compliance. USTFS is unlike many other companies in the industry and is leading the way in standardizing many regulatory compliance practices seen in the industry. USTFS is always innovating and improving the quality and performance of our fire safety technicians. We use past and present data to to drive the development of new technological standards and continue to provide industry leading support for our clients and vendors.


USTFS provides coverage options across the US. We believe the key to success in the industry is to always strive to be the best we can be. If there is a commercial or retail property in the US, USTFS is the go-to resource to get it done!


Work together!